Commercial Christmas Tree Installation


Commercial Christmas Tree Installation

Commercial Christmas trees are the perfect holiday decoration for businesses, malls, and public arenas. Thousands of sparkling lights. Luxurious down-swept branches. Majestically sized to look grand in even the biggest town square or hotel lobby. This season, create lasting impressions with one of our extraordinary commercial Christmas tree installation as the centerpiece of your Christmas decorations.

We Hang Christmas Lights specialize in designing and installing one-of-a-kind trees for businesses. Decorating a tree for your business can be quite the undertaking. Don’t waste time and resources this year. The addition of a perfectly decorated holiday tree to your space will delight customers and colleagues alike.

From whimsical Dr. Seuss-inspired trees to sparkling trees of silver and gold, our design possibilities stretch as far as your imagination. We also create beautiful poinsettia trees for numerous clients every year. Our design consultants will listen attentively to your ideas and help you plan the color scheme and theme of your display.

With our no worry hassle-free commercial Christmas tree installation and removal services, our design consultants and installers remove the slightest bit of stress and anxiety. Our experts will create, deliver and remove everything without any disturbance to you or your business. We work with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. To guarantee your install date and peace of mind, we highly recommend reserving your installation date as early in the year as possible. We have decorated and installed large-scale Christmas trees for commercial businesses, including hotels, corporate headquarters, hospitals, shopping malls and more.

Our Christmas trees are stunning and will stop people in their tracks to admire the view. Don’t miss out on the extra traffic and revenue from our commercial Christmas tree installation. Contact We Hang Christmas Lights today!

Different Types of Christmas Lights


Christmas lights are, for many, an important aspect of the holiday season. Nothing says Christmas like the look of a brightly-lit pine tree or a festive house adorned with beautiful lights and decorations. Shopping for Christmas lights is an important event that many start months before Christmas in order to decorate the inside and outside of their house early.

Shopping for Christmas lights used to be easy. The choices were largely limited to mini lights or C9s in clear or multi-color. Now decorators can choose from several bulbs shapes in every color of the rainbow. For some people the variety of Christmas lights we offer can be a bit overwhelming.

Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights

The first thing to look for when purchasing Christmas lights is if the lights are for indoor or outdoor use. Bulbs that are marked “outdoor only” should not be used indoors, as they may burn quite hot, which could result in a fire. Bulbs that are marked “indoor only” are generally not durable or strong enough to survive the conditions outdoors, especially if they are being used in a location that has a harsh climate. Buyers are advised to check the product carefully before buying to ensure that they are getting the lights that are right for the use that they have in mind.

Incandescent Christmas Lights

Commonly referred to as “mini lights,” incandescent Christmas lights are much smaller and more closely spaced than C7 and C9 lights. Most strings of incandescent lights contain between 100 and 600 bulbs, but the spacing, size, and color of the bulbs is dependent on the specific model of Christmas lights.

LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights use light emitting diodes to produce light in a very efficient manner. These lights are a relatively new addition to the types of Christmas lights available, and have gained a lot of popularity through the beginning of the 21st century. LED lights are beneficial for a number of reasons. For starters, they are much more efficient than C7 and C9 lights, and are also quite a bit more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Like incandescent bulbs, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but unlike incandescent bulbs, they don’t become hot or even warm. LED lights are also incredibly durable, and can be dropped, hit, or left outside without becoming damaged. One of the most attractive aspects of LED Christmas lights is the amount of money that is saved on electricity. Some sources estimate Christmas electricity expenses can be cut down by as much as 90 percent by switching to LED lights.

Solar Christmas Lights

Apart from the three major types of Christmas lights, buyers can also opt to choose solar – powered lights. These lights are very good for the environment, and are very cost-effective in the long run, but can be quite pricey upfront. Also, they are generally not as bright as electric-powered lights, especially if the winter is dark and cloudy.

Different Types of Christmas Lights To Choose From:

Different Types of Christmas Lights

C6 Lights
The C6 strawberry light is a much smaller version of the larger traditional C9 Christmas light. While much smaller than a C9 or C7 size Christmas light and consuming 99% less energy, the C6 strawberry light is quite bright and will not disappoint. The decorative, faceted lens does a good job of softening and diffusing the LED light for an attractive glowing appearance. These features make the C6 a great choice for indoor displays, entryway displays or other locations where the observers will be in close physical proximity to the display. The decorative lens also make the lights a great choice for applications where the bulb will be highly visible. The C6 is approximately 1” in length and ½” at its widest point at the base.
Different Types of Christmas Lights

Mini Lights
The Christmas mini light is the most traditional of all the Christmas light bulb styles. The bulb style is attractive because it is small and brilliant, and it works well with LED lights as it diffuses the highly directional LED light very efficiently. Perhaps more importantly, the LED mini light emulates the style of the most traditional Christmas style light. Ours feature a durable epoxy plastic lens which is nearly indestructible. The clear lens is faceted to help evenly diffuse the brilliant LED light, and is approximately 3/4″ in length and 1/8″ in diameter. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for an energy efficient replacement for your traditional incandescent mini lights. LED mini lights are great as Christmas tree lights, and for wrapping outdoor trees, railings and other decorative applications where a smaller and brilliant light is desired. Our wide angle LED Xmas lights are also a great choice for those looking for a small but brilliant bulb.
5MM Wide Angle

5MM Wide Angle
Our wide angle bulb is the brightest, most focused of our LED string lights. Though small in size (and also called “rice lights”), the 5mm bulb evenly distributes LED light in all directions. The style produces the most consistent light output, which is not affected by the angle from which the light is observed. Recommended for indoor and outdoor displays for Christmas trees, wrapping trees, or other applications where bright, even light distribution is important. This shape bulb is approximately the size of an eraser head on a pencil and is a great alternative to traditional mini Christmas lights.
Different Types of Christmas Lights

G12 Raspberry
The G12 raspberry Christmas light is a small, faceted, globe-shaped bulb that is similar in size to a small raspberry. It is approximately ½” long and ½” in diameter. The light produced by the G12 is only slightly more diffuse than the light output of our Christmas mini lights. The slightly larger, rounded bulb softens the impact of the light only slightly while enhancing and completing the light output distribution. Our G12 raspberry light is a good choice for indoor or outdoor displays that will be viewed at close distances by observers and where a well-balanced, bright, and diffuse light source is desired. We recommend the G12 for entryway bushes or shrubs, large wreaths, Christmas trees or wrapping small outdoor trees.
C7 Lights

C7 Lights
The C7 Christmas lights are a popular choice for the old school holiday enthusiast. The smaller C7 bulb is less than 2 inches (1.29″) tall, has a diameter of less than 1 inch (.86″)and is noticeably larger than our C6 Christmas lights. The C7 (E12 base) replacement bulbs utilize 3 high power LEDs per bulb. The C7 and C9 have a light or lumen output which is comparable to incandescent. The C7 replacement bulbs are a great choice for those looking to replace their inefficient incandescent C7 Christmas lights. The C7 retrofit bulbs use only .96 watts per bulb and will last for 50,000 hours or more. Our retrofit replacement bulbs can be used with any standard C7 or C9 socket wire. C7 bulbs are great for large outdoor trees, building outlines, roof lines, and eaves.
C5 Lights

C5 Lights
Our C5 LED Christmas lights have the same strawberry or cone shape as our popular C6 style Christmas lights but they are slightly smaller. The C5 lights use the same faceted style bulb cover or lens as our C6 but the C5 bulb cover is placed over a smaller wide angle lens so the C5 does a good job of evenly diffusing the directional LED light which is a problem with many C-style LED bulbs. C5s are a great choice for decorating Christmas tree.
C9 Lights

C9 Lights
Replacing your old incandescent C9s with LED retrofit bulbs will give you instant savings. Our C9 retrofit bulbs consume only .96 watts per bulb which is 99% less than incandscent. Using 5 high powered LEDs, they are similar in brightness to incandescent C9 lamps so you don’t have to worry about dealing with cheap under-powered replacements. Upgrading your C9 bulbs to LED with these is easy: simply remove your old bulbs and screw these into your existing socket wire.
Net Lights

Net Lights
Looking for an easy way to decorate bushes or shrubs for the holidays? LED net lights are the best and easiest type of Christmas lights for bushes. It is a great way to decorate bushes and create a uniform light pattern. Net lights, as the name indicates, are standard Christmas lights configured in a net-like pattern so they can easily be draped over bushes and shrubs. Some serious decorators also use our net lights to cover their roofs completely with lights. We’ve also had customers install net lights over their entire lawns which created an amazing effect. offers net lights in a wide variety of colors including traditional warm white, multi color and several standard solid colors.Our LED net lights utilize the G12 or wide angle style LED lights which are bright and durable.
Icicle Lights

Icicle Lights
Icicle lights are a classic holiday decorating tool. Icicle style Christmas lights are most commonly used to decorate roof lines or eaves of homes to create the effect of dandling icicles. Our LED icicle lights have a horizontal main wire with icicle “drops” of varying lengths to create the traditional icicle effect. While traditional icicle lights were only available in standard clear or white, offers icicle lights in almost every color along with several color combination sets. In addition to their traditional use, icicle lights are also great for decoration decks, gazebos, atriums and dining halls or convention centers.
Battery Christmas Lights

Battery Christmas Lights
LED technology has made battery operated Christmas lights a viable option. Previous incandescent versions of battery Christmas lights would only last a few hours. LED battery Christmas lights can last several days. Battery Christmas lights are great for decorating wreaths, centerpieces, mantels or other holiday decor where AC power is not available or desired. Our slim wire battery operated Christmas light sets utilize a thin floral type wire that can be bent and wrapped around flower bouquets or plants. Our customers have also use our battery operated Xmas lights on costumes for Halloween or other special events such as Raves or other events such as Burning Man. Most of our battery light sets are available in green or white wire and many sets are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Ultimately you will need to choose the kind of lighting to suit your theme, and most likely a combination of different lights will give you a great display for your outdoor Christmas Lighting. If you want help with your Christmas Light Installation, contact We Hang Christmas Lights.

How to Start a Christmas Light Installation Business


The holiday lighting industry is one of the fastest growing service industries in the United States and Canada. Residential homeowners as well as commercial business owners spend over a billion dollars each Holiday season for Christmas light installation. With all that potential you may find yourself asking, how to start a Christmas light installation business?

You can research to find how much you will need to start up. You can calculate how much the lights are going to cost you but how many lights will you need? How much should you be charging your clients? Should you be offering decorations as well? Do you need insurance? There are so many questions on how to start a Christmas light installation business, but the good news is WE HAVE THE ANSWERS!!!

Don’t get sucked into buying a book on how to start a Christmas light installation business.

You will finish the book and be stuck with more questions than when you started. We Hang Christmas Lights offers hands on training classes as well as access to the owners who started it all. If you have a question, we have an answer!

While starting a Christmas light installation business has tremendous advantages, there’s also a number of pitfalls that must be addressed. These include dealing with seasonal employees, harsh weather conditions, access to quality Christmas lights and decorations, timely product delivery, and the difficulties of managing a very seasonal business.

Many Christmas light installer newbies are surprised at how many small details go into preparing for each season and how many hidden challenges pop up unexpectedly throughout the short installation window each year. Planning and organization is the key to building a successful Christmas installation company.

Because we’ve seen firsthand the challenges that new business owners face when starting their own Christmas light installation business, we’ve developed a comprehensive guide to help anyone asking how to start a Christmas light installation business. Starting your own Christmas light business is based on our 18 years of trial and error, continuing education in the industry, and on-going research. We have the knowledge necessary help you start, manage, and grow an extremely successful Christmas lighting business.

There is no need to create a business plan and spend a fortune with trial and error when we already did it for you. We’ve paved the way for you and are now we are focused on helping others in the industry get started. Learn from the company that started the first successful Christmas lighting installer business, We Hang Christmas Lights.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur ready to take that first step towards self employment, or an experienced business owner who would like to turn your slow season into the most profitable time of the year, We Hang Christmas is ready to teach you how to start a Christmas light installation busines. We will give you the knowledge, training and continued support that will ensure your SUCCESS in this booming industry.

With our extensive experience in this industry, we can teach you our proven business concept and help you achieve success in this highly profitable and growing industry. We will provide you with the tools and training necessary to start a Christmas light installation business….And MOST IMPORTANTLY, succeed in your business venture. Fill out our application to learn how to start a Christmas light installation business.

Ask us how to start a Christmas light installation business NOW in order to ensure you make the most of this holiday season.

Call us with any questions 951-541-4482.

It is VERY important that you receive proper training before starting a Christmas Light Installations Business. Unlike most other businesses, you only have a 60 day window to make money with a Christmas Light Installations Business. You can certainly MAKE A LOT OF MONEY in a short period of time but with that being said you also don’t have much time make mistakes and learn from them. In most businesses you can “fall on your face, pick yourself back up and move on”. In this business it will cost you thousands of dollars if that happens. Let us show you the right way to do things and how to avoid COSTLY mistakes. In the long run our program will save you much more money than it will cost you!