Ladder to install Christmas lights on Roof lines


Putting up your own Christmas lights can be a real nightmare if you’re not prepared. Most homeowners spend over 12 precious hours planning, installing, and removing their lights each year! Exterior or Outdoor Christmas lights can be installed on all kinds of surfaces including brick, stucco and even wood shingles.

The first thing you should do before installing your exterior lights is to make sure you have all the tools and equipment including lifts and ladders to make the job go nice and smooth. You usually will need nails, a hammer, Christmas Light Hanger Clips and a ladder if the spot that you are hanging them is high off the ground. You are already make the right move by reading this “How to Install Christmas Lights Guide.

If you are going to hang the Christmas lights from the roof you can either hang them from the gutters if you have them or you could hang the lights directly from the roof if you do not have gutters. If you wanted to hang the lights from the roof and you do not have gutters on your home, you could then nail small nails into the face place of the soffit or on the edge of the roof line.

If you do not think you have the strength or skill set to hang Christmas lights yourself you could always hire a Christmas light installer to hang them for you.

How to Install Christmas Lights Icicles On Gutters

Use the All in One Plus Clip; place a clip about every 3rd or 4th vertical drop. When hanging Icicles, you want to make sure that the main horizontal line remains tight; you do not want any sagging in the main horizontal wire. To keep the main wire tight, each clip should be placed on the horizontal wire, against an Icicle or vertical drop, then slid until the wire is tight. Keep repeating the process, always making sure wire is stretched tight. If you are getting any sagging in the main horizontal wire, you should use more clips. Another common concern when hanging Icicles is…. what should be done with the connections? The answer is that you just let them dangle with the Icicles; they look fine during the day, and are unnoticeable at night.


How to Install Christmas Mini Lights On Gutters

Your biggest problem will be when you encounter gutters, along the roofline. When you are installing mini lights on the roofline, it would be wise to use the small bottom loop of the All In One Plus Clip. This will prevent half of the lights from facing into the gutter, making them invisible from the ground.


How to Install Christmas Lights C-7 and C-9 On Gutters

The All in One Plus Clip is designed to hold the socket of either of these lights; one clip per socket. You should make an effort to keep the bulbs straight; however they do not have to be perfect, only relatively straight. Bulbs that may not appear straight during the day, will appear to be perfectly aligned at night. Remember PRO-TEMP.


How to Install Christmas Lights on Wood Shingles

Attaching lights along the edge of a roofline, onto shingles, can be done using two different styles of clips. You can either use the less expensive all in one plus clip or you can use the shingle tab, which is 43 primarily used on commercial buildings. If you want to outline a roofline with lights by stapling them to the peak of a shake shingle roof, you may need to use a larger staple gun. We recommend the Arrow T-25 with 9/16 staples. This stapler is designed to install cable because it contains a round cable guide and uses a thicker staple, which will go into the shingle and grip better.


How to Install Christmas Lights on Tile

Tile roofs are very common in the state of California, and running into a situation where there is nothing else to attach a clip to, will certainly happen. You should use the All in One Plus clip, but you may need to invert the clip depending on the size of the lip you will be attaching it to. When installing lights onto the edge of tile, it is wise to use a clamp (such as a black alligator clip) approximately every 10 feet. This will prevent you from bumping a few lights, and having the entire roofline come down in one large domino effect (we speak from experience).


How to Install Christmas Lights to Wood Fascia

When attaching Icicles to a house with a wood fascia, simply staple the Icicles along the very bottom, front facing part of the fascia. When installing Icicles, try not to have any drooping in the main horizontal line. Use as few staples as possible, stapling approximately every 4th Icicle.


The thought of hanging Christmas lights may bring up some not so sweet memories. Untangling lights that are stuffed in your garage or attic, the danger of falling off of a ladder, blowing out every circuit in the house. Bittersweet…….but It can be headache non-the-less. With We Hang Christmas you don’t have to do a thing! Our team of Christmas light installers will take care of all aspects of your Christmas Decor. Let the 17 years that we have been in business do the talking for us! We know exactly how to install Christmas lights!

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