Christmas Light Installation


A beautiful Christmas light display makes your house a beacon of holiday joy. Christmas light installation brings that joy directly to your home with the use of Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas light installation includes installing lights on the eaves, ridges, guttering, archways, windows, doors, and almost anywhere you can imagine. Your options are endless. They are only bound by your imagination. Christmas light hangers have the skills and techniques to create “the look” you desire while ensuring that your lights stay lit the entire Holiday season.


FIRST – Deciding what you want the display to look like is an important first step. For example, whether you want a few subtle white lights that suggest snow clinging to the eaves or enough colored lights to convince Santa he’s landing ontop of Times Square. One of our qualified installers will come out and get your requests. They will then provide you with a Free Christmas light installation quote and schedule an installation day.

SECOND – On your installation day our installers (aka little magic elves) will amaze you with professionally installed lights to your specifications. BE PREPARED to be blown away by a dazzling display of holiday cheer.

LASTLY – After Christmas passes our installers will come back out and remove your lights and pack them neatly away. It is that easy when you use Christmas light installation.


We Hang Christmas Lights has been providing captivating displays and exceptional service since 1997. We will provide you with a magnificent design, quality products, efficient installation, maintenance if necessary, and timely removal. In a nutshell, our Christmas light installers are little magic elves sent to make your Christmas easier. We provide and install everything needed to light your home or commercial property for the holiday season. Our Christmas light installation service includes the lights (custom designed for your building), clips, cords, timers, adapters, installation, removal & storage.

What is the difference between our Christmas light installation company and other Christmas light installers? Superior Training! Throughout the season you can barely see the lights until they’re on. They’re not an eyesore, it’s very clean and neat, without cords running everywhere. Our training provides techniques for simple installations and extravagant installations. Whatever you need, they are trained to do. Now more than ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the time and energy to decorate and still have time to enjoy the holidays.


It’s just not Christmas without Christmas lights. They make everything more festive and fun.
Get a Free quote from our professional Christmas light installation company today!