A solid marketing structure that will boost your sales through the roof! Our program is Turn-Key and will give you everything you need to successfully market your company and make sales…….FROM DAY ONE!

We are dedicated to helping you properly market your Christmas light installation business. The #1 method of marketing your business is to utilize our FULL SPECTRUM sales and marketing program. Without an effective marketing plan you will not succeed. We will give you the marketing framework that will help you make so many sales that your only problem will be finding enough time to get the jobs done.

Our marketing program offers many of the same benefits that a franchise has to offer such as national name recognition and association, combined buying power discounts, and exclusivity of a certain territory. ALL OF THESE GREAT BENEFITS WITHOUT THE BIG EXPENSE OF OPERATING A FRANCHISE!!!! is a great way for new or established business owners to dramatically increase sales and margins. Due to our exclusivity agreements, once signed up you will be the only installer in a defined geographical area that will be allowed to participate in this great marketing program. Essentially making the name and WEBSITE yours within a particular area (for as long as you choose to renew).

You can continue to keep your own company identity (if you wish), however your easily remembered domain name “ ” will certainly bring you a multitude of new clients. Time and time again potential customers remember our website address over anything or anyone else. This is simply due to the fact that it describes exactly what we do, WE HANG CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

When you sign up for you qualify for wholesale pricing on professional marketing materials including door hangers, signs, postcards, uniforms, business cards, estimate forms, invoices, radio ads and an array of other marketing tools and resources.

Sales & Marketing Programs

In a matter of a few days you will receive the marketing tools necessary to give your company a more professional image than any of your competitors.

Sales & Marketing Programs

Here are a few more benefits to consider: is very easy for a potential customer to remember because it is exactly what you do (hang Christmas lights).

• In this business it is very important to have a professional website. With our program you will accomplish this without going to the expense or time of developing a good website. All of the costs to maintain, index , change and host the website are included in your yearly fee.

• We offer all of the marketing tools that will help you market your business better than any of your competitors. Wholesale pricing is available on all of the following advertising tools: Coroplast signs, Door Hangers, T-Shirts, Sales Shirts, Sweatshirts, Door Magnets, Estimate Sheets, Invoices, and MUCH MORE!

• The only other way to get this kind of marketing support is to pay expensive franchise fees and royalties.

• Once you sign up for a territory on the website it is exclusively your territory. Within that territory you may advertise the name however you wish. You may also have your own logo. When a customer enters a zip code that is within your territory, your company information is the only info. that will appear (your phone number, e-mail address, company name and a link to another site if you wish).

• The website is brought up very high in most major search engines.

• We offer marketing tools that will give you an edge over the competition and help you sell your services better.

• We are offering you much more than just a website. This is a proven, turn-key marketing program that has significantly boosted the sales of installers that have taken advantage of our unique concept.

• Remember, we don’t charge franchise fees or royalties and you are not locked into a long term contract. Call us Today and start taking advantage of the Name Tomorrow.

WHCL Sales & Marketing Programs