When the holidays are over and its time to put your lights away, don’t cram lights into the original packages or you’ll have a huge tangle to deal with next holiday season!

All you do is start with one end of the strand. Put the first light at the bottom of your palm and pull the 2nd light to the top (vertical across your palm). The, while you are pinching/holding the 2nd bulb, pull the 3rd bulb down the the 1st. Like so…

Then keep matching the odd and even bulbs. Eventually, it will look like this.

Then once you get them all in your tight little fist… Just wrap the remaining cord around and plug it back in! Now isn’t that better than my husband’s wrap job? And it only takes about a minute a strand–it’s way easy! The best part is next Christmas when you dust off your boxes full of decor, your little strands of lights will be ready to go! You just hold it in your hand and wrap it right around the tree. No de-tangling, no pulling them across the floor, just easy tree lighting!

To protect your Christmas lights during storage, you can wrap the winded strands in tissue paper and put each bundle in a bag. Gently set each bundle into a box. If you label the box, then you can quickly find your tree lights, interior decorating lights and outdoor lights next holiday season without dreading the old “light untangling” exercise altogether!